Thursday, July 03, 2008

New comic endevor

Just yesterday I went over to my local comicbook shop and picked up a copy of the new compilation graphic novel called "Fat Chunk vol 1 - Robot".

I have a contribution on pages 26 and 27.
(which is also available for viewing up on my DA gallery)

Page 1

Page 2

Even though it's a pretty small amount of work, I know some of you guys were interested and wanted to know when it came out. Also, it's just a fun read and fun to look at with your eyeballs. Pick it up and look at it! It even smells nice!

To get a copy you can do what I did and go to your local comicbook store today, or if they don't have it, the diamond order code is MAR083402 (this is the code to tell your comic book store, so they can order it in).
Also Amazon has a listing but they're sold out at the moment.

In the meantime, Undertown vol 2 is still in the works. I'm going to speed up the process now. I just have to! It's been a year now with no new comic. I feel more then a little ashamed of that.
So since I feel bad all I have to give, is a picture of my desk. A little cluttered I suppose. This picture has some spoilerish things in it, for Undertown and for my life in general, but I think they're too vague for anyone at the moment to decode.

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Monika Dubska said...

waw love the artwork! Keep at it :) great blog also, thanks for sharing :D

hope to hear from you! Monika