Monday, March 17, 2008


So yet another article about Undertown, and this one's super-fantastic.

It's a nice thorough interview with my writer Jim Pascoe with random pages of Undertown sprinkled throughout.

Also since some people have asked: I'm going to be a guest at Sakura Con in Seattle at the end of the month! I'll have MY OWN panel, which I hope isn't completely empty and I'm a little terrified now that I think about it. And I'll also do the "Tokyopop Creators Spotlight" Panel. Both of those events will be on Friday the 28th, I'm not going to stick around the con very long though since I'm catching a flight to Tokyo the following day on Saturday.

Hope to see ya there!

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Patrick Hruby said...

Hey Jake! I didn't even know that you had a blog on here. I added you to my friends. Hope everything is going really well for you.