Monday, January 28, 2008

I so rarely post!! gah!!

So many things have occurred since the last time I posted I think. It was way back in October that I used this bloggery thing.

Anyhow, lets see:

1. I got a side job doing background concept design for a videogame company in Seattle. I can't say who yet, but it's going to come out soon I hope and then I'll spill the beans.

2. It turned into 2008

3. My comic now is running in the Sunday Comics section of more then 50 newspapers across the country (and China perhaps??)

4. I'm way behind on Undertown 2.

5. I'm hoping to go to japan in a few months. (well, I got the plane tickets!)

6. I got a Ipod-touch and it has changed my life

7. I joined a gym so that I don't die from my sedentary lifestyle.

8. I got into the music of Toki Asako, leadsinger from the now defunct 'cymbals'... perhaps so much that I bought Japanese I-tunes gift cards and now have a japanese account.

9. I had my guest-art appear in the back of King of Thorn volume 2, and The Dark Crystal Manga.

10. Did a SUPER SHORT comic in the FAT CHUNK Vol ONE anthology comic about robots. It's a little violent.

11. Uhh... Haircut?


potato farm girl said...

I finally had a chance to finish "Undertown" a couple of days ago (on one of my sick days!)
You are a madman! I want to read #2!! Their human versions seem very interesting, what is going to happen?

Lazesummerstone said...

Thanks for reading it! I know it's a little bit of a dense read for a comic- I don't think I've managed to read it all through yet in one sitting myself!

Haha, and unfortunatly they're not all gonna go to the human world and turn into humans- which is my dream, but I actually don't know what's in store for later in the series. Book 2 is coming out later this summer hopefully.
Yay thanks again for reading it! It doesn't compare to the comics you've done (which I still have by the way)! But I'll catch up someday! :)

Kendelle Hoyer said...

Hey I was at my parents house a couple weekends ago and I saw a familiar drawing style in the paper. Good work Jake! :)