Friday, October 03, 2008

This and that

I probably should use this journal more often because I tend to forget what I did week to week as it is.

My parents came to town, it was lots of fun although very short. I forget that I don't see them very often until suddenly they're here. I'm pretty bad about keeping connected with anyone as it is, so I can go for weeks and weeks without touching base with my family. For the future I want to be better about that.

Also while they were up they mentioned that they had ordered a hardcover of my book from Amazon. I was like "What are you talking about?" But apparently it does exist! So of course, I had to order one just out of curiosity...

What the hell Tokyopop??? Give me a heads up or something?!?! But it is super weird because on the back it's listed as being published by "Pawprints" And I can tell that it's just an old softcover that has been chopped slightly smaller and rebound. I guess the idea is that it's for use in the Library system.
It's definitely nice to have a more durable copy.

Another thing that I bought not too long ago was one of these:

It's one of the Wacom Cintiq tablets that came out recently that are a lot smaller (and thus slightly more affordable) The one I've been using forever (just a normal wacom tablet) stopped working. So I decided (after a little convincing) that I needed an upgrade since it's my most used piece of equipment right now (besides the computer).
It's pretty awesome, although not as portable as I imagined since you still need to lug around a lot of wires and a separate converter box that takes the video signal and tablet info and syncs it all together. After buying it though, I realize I need to save money now.. hahaha.


potato farm girl said...

Whoa your new blog layout is crazy awesome! That's cool their is a hardbound version out, and I'm glad Tokyo Pop gave you work, but after I dealt with them a few years ago I think they are really disorganized or something. Yay! You have a cintiq, I want one so bad. I got to use one last year on a job, I want to save up for one! Combined with Flash, you can actually do decent hand drawn animation with it!

Destiny Wood said...

Wow, you have a hardbound book, It looks so cool!