Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fraggle adventure

So for now it seems my Fraggle adventure is at a close. In the last few months, it's been all Fraggle all the time. I did a cover for Issue #2 and one for the Free Comic book day.

And then 20 pages of Fraggle-goodness for Issue #2!

It's really been work that I've been incredibly proud of. It's also got me thinking seriously about this whole alien kitten thing (from which this blog is named). Ideas are a brewin'

Internet wise theres a few reviews and interviews:

Quoted in USA Today

Interview with Leigh Dragoon and myself on ToughPigs

Interview at Comic Book Resources with Leigh and myself

Interview with Nichol Ashworth and myself about FCBD

Review at Fandomania

Review at Toughpigs

First Look MTV Splashpage at FCBD Fragglerock

Sweet Poster was made

ComicsAlliance surprised me by noticing I've been working on Fraggles and Darkwing

Fave review of FCBD "I don't know who the FUCK Jake Myler is" at Digital Kontent

Muppet Mindset Review

Major Spoiler Preview

This summer I can't wait for the hardcover edition of the collected first 3 issues. It's gonna be pretty sweet.

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