Saturday, January 24, 2009

Twitter Account Aquired!!!!

Okay so I got on the Twitter bandwagon now! All because I'm a big fan of the 1-up show and all the various podcast things associated with it. So when Ziff Davis was sold and everyone on all those pod-casts were fired, I wanted to keep up with them and listen to any podcasts that they might migrate to. Luckily they all had those twitter things and so through that I found they were putting up another podcast: RebelFM. But keep seeing those twitter things on peoples blogs and now on Deviantart. So I guess in the end I found that it might be easier to just keep things up to date with something more manageable like 1 sentance updates. (Instead of monthly posts). Well, I'll still update LJ and Blogspot etc but this will fill the huge gaps. hahaha.

Please add me if you have a twitter account too! I have no friends on there.

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