Sunday, October 26, 2008

Legend Of Sama

I heard about this just now from Tony Salvaggio who had the same thing happen to his book Psy-Com. But it seems like perhaps all the Tokyopop OGM properties have been translated into Japanese and have been put up for sale as digital manga including my own Undertown:

Even though it's weird that we didn't hear about this from our actual editors and stuff, this is pretty awesome just the same.

One funny thing is they retitled it "Undertown - Legend of Sama" which I have to admit makes it sound a little more epic then simply "undertown".

If any of you guys are successful in actually purchasing one of these ebooks from japan then please tell me! I got as far as downloading the software and registering an account. But I hit a roadblock when I go to purchase a book. It might be that part of their site is down at the moment though.

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