Sunday, November 12, 2006


I think I complain to myself that I hate to draw backgrounds because they take a long time, figuring out all the details. But when I have to do a spread like this building exploding!I realize that I actually enjoy backgrounds a lot- perhaps more then drawing the actual characters! I just completed this one the other day and I was pretty proud that all the real perspective and all the parts where I faked the perspective meshed together and it actually looks believable.
Because of the way my writer changes location in the story every other page, Undertown has a ton of background drawing to establish things. So its like...slow to draw, probably overly dense, but I think it should look pretty. Maybe I should pitch a manga to TP where it's just backgrouds and no dialogue or characters!

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potato farm girl said...

Holy cow! Backgrounds are so hard to draw, but this is very good! And explosive! Let me know when your book is out. I will gets it.