Saturday, July 15, 2006

First public mentionings of Undertown

So today was my first introduction thing for Undertown. And since this is my first post to the Blogger-thingymabob, I probably should mention that Undertown is a comic that I'm creating with Jim Pascoe and it will be published by Tokyopop hopefully next summer. It was at a Library in downtown Los Angeles, and even though it was filled with mostly little kids that aren't old enough to read it when it comes out, it was encouraging since they were all really excited about the idea of creating comics. I think to a lot of kids, comics just exsist, and they don't realize that actual normal people are sitting down and creating these books, and that kind of occupation is something that anyone can attain with enough perserverance. I'm sure they don't realize just how much tenacity is involved, but it's still possible!
I signed this new print

and another one that was a little less scary, although I was suprised that a lot of tiny little children wanted the scary insect head! One kid was like: "you gotta pick the monster, it's the juicyist!" - I laughed.
So I feel much more confident now about the whole thing.

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potato farm girl said...

Wow cool! Yes maybe I'll run into you guys at con?