Saturday, March 22, 2014


Yay It was finally announced today the name and release date for my comic book!
‘Orphan Blade’ Coming From Oni Press In December
That's a long way off, but check out This awesome writeup over at Comics Alliance!

(also sorry bout the cross posts! I’m just so happy about it today).

Also - I had no idea I still had a blogger account. I was convinced I deleted it! haha But I thought I better make an update here since the last time was 2011! 

Monday, November 07, 2011

Bad at Blogger

Okay, I've found that Blogger is obviously tremendously hard for me to update. It's not really difficult, just I always forget about it and now it's gone by the wayside, neglected and forlorn.

So please Either follow my Helix Tumblr (WAAAAAY more cool stuff to be seen there)

Or Twitter

or deviantart

Friday, September 17, 2010

New things and old things!

So much good news to report! First off, just yesterday I got these badboy's in the mail, fresh off the presses:

It's called Dangerous Friends, and it's the first little self-published sketchbook I've ever done. It's got kind of a mix between my drawings for stuff I'm developing and then sketches and stuff from Nemo, FraggleRock and Darkwing Duck.
I'll be selling it at JetCity Comic Show next weekend! Five Bucks!

Here's some more pics!

Also I'll be selling this random T-shirt of Yeti-sparkles!

Okay now, so even more news...


Unfortunatly you need to order it directly from the website, but at least you can get a real copy if you want and they take paypal. Get it now right here!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Undertown Volume 2 OUT NOW!!!

!!!! NEWSFLASH !!!! Undertown V2 is finally out! I just found out that it's availiable for digital download here!!!

It's not available to buy as a physical copy, but if theres enough people that buy it Tokyopop might publish it for bookstores.
Please download and support the book that I spent a year of my life creating! It's been in limbo for 2 years and finally after all this time it's out!

Henry Selik, Director for Nightmare before Christmas said it's a "Dark Fun, Bittersweet display of Incredible Imagination"

Please get it now!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fraggle adventure

So for now it seems my Fraggle adventure is at a close. In the last few months, it's been all Fraggle all the time. I did a cover for Issue #2 and one for the Free Comic book day.

And then 20 pages of Fraggle-goodness for Issue #2!

It's really been work that I've been incredibly proud of. It's also got me thinking seriously about this whole alien kitten thing (from which this blog is named). Ideas are a brewin'

Internet wise theres a few reviews and interviews:

Quoted in USA Today

Interview with Leigh Dragoon and myself on ToughPigs

Interview at Comic Book Resources with Leigh and myself

Interview with Nichol Ashworth and myself about FCBD

Review at Fandomania

Review at Toughpigs

First Look MTV Splashpage at FCBD Fragglerock

Sweet Poster was made

ComicsAlliance surprised me by noticing I've been working on Fraggles and Darkwing

Fave review of FCBD "I don't know who the FUCK Jake Myler is" at Digital Kontent

Muppet Mindset Review

Major Spoiler Preview

This summer I can't wait for the hardcover edition of the collected first 3 issues. It's gonna be pretty sweet.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fraggle's and more

Towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I've been suddenly doing a ton of work for Boom! Studios and Archaia Comics. It's actually some of the most exciting stuff I've done in my life because it's for things that I grew up with, like for example the Fraggle Rock Comic with Archaia. A story about it just went up on MTV splashpage.

I'll be doing the Free Comic Book Day Mousegaurd/Fraggle Flipbook issue that'll be out May 1st- and I'll be signing at Zanadu Comics (the downtown branch) in Seattle if you're in the area.

Also, I'll be doing the 2nd Issue story for Fraggle Rock, so there'll be a more hefty serving of Fraggle in my near future.

With Boom Studios, I've been working on a ton of covers for them for Monster's inc, Disney's Ultraheroes, Finding Nemo, Mickey and Friends, along with a few secret projects that might blow the minds of anyone who is a fan of cartoons in the 90's! (stay tuned).
So even though I seem to be on kid's projects only, I'm not complaining, because they're properties that I loved as a kid.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monsters inc. Cover

I got a bunch of copies of the Monsters Inc Issue #1 with the cover I drew!! Take a look at it's immense beauty! ^__^.
Earlier I didn't think that they were being published because I couldn't find any copies in stores or even on the internet. But later I found out that they were in fact published, but not many places will ever get them because they are limited to only stores that order 10 or more of the first issue of Monster Inc.

I made another cover for Boom, but it'll be on a upcoming issue, and I don't know the issue # as of yet.
Altogether doing covers is just about the most fun thing that I think I've done in comics and I hope to continue making them.